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Shreveport Foundation Repair Specialists Put YOUR Safety First!

Securing Foundations

Identifying hazardous foundation problems through meticulous inspection services
Professional foundation crack & leak repair, so your home rests on safe, solid ground
Expert waterproofing of basements and crawl spaces for prices you can comfortably afford

Structural Integrity

High-quality house leveling and slab jacking services to ensure your home is balanced
Crawl space encapsulation, water barrier treatments, French drains, & sump pumps
Securing foundations for both residential and commercial customers using pro methods

Honest Dependability

All foundation contractors are licensed, insured, and locally certified in Louisiana
The most competitive rates in the entire state! Offering FREE estimates
Locally-operated and family-owned business with a history of total customer satisfaction

Shreveport Foundation Repair Specialists Work Upon Rock-Solid Principles

When you're looking for professional foundation repair in Shreveport, set your sights on our company. We offer a complete menu of foundation improvement services like thorough FREE inspections, crack & leak repair, and much more. As a Shreveport foundation repair company, we care about your safety. A house or commercial structure sitting on a faulty foundation is a hazard to all who enter the building, not to mention it will eventually destroy the framework and lead to costly repairs.

It's been years since Shreveport Foundation Repair Specialists opened for business and began repairing and reinforcing residential and commercial foundations around Lousiana. When a client needs a dependable foundation expert, we confidently take on the task. There is no job too big or too small for our team of trusted contractors.

Great foundation repair starts with a company that cares, and that describes ours perfectly! We make sure you, as our client, always comes first. Through affordable prices, FREE estimates, and quick service turnaround times, we put your house back together again, and that's how it stays!

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Dedicated Shreveport Foundation Repair Services

We're in the business of making foundations whole again, which is why we offer every foundation repair service our residential and commercial customers could possibly need. Your foundation problem is NEVER too tough for our team to take on.

Foundation Repair

Offering full-scale foundation repair in Shreveport for your commercial and residential properties. We assess the situation, discover the root problem, and put a professional treatment plan into action for an affordable price.

Crawl Spaces

House foundation repair in Shreveport often involves crawl space work. When your crawl space is compromised, it can mean BIG problems! We offer encapsulation and water barrier methods to rid the area of moisture, mold, & odors.


Professional Shreveport waterproofing of your basement is vital for a stable foundation. Excess moisture can lead to cracks & leaks. Our company offers French drain and sump pump installation to keep it dry and mold-free. 

Basement Repair

When your foundation is compromised, the issues always involve the basement in some way, shape, or form. Our main goal is to repair basement cracks that have led to leaks and to completely waterproof the area with industrial tools.

Residential Services

Your home needs to sit on a firm foundation, or it will deteriorate and result in hazardous living conditions and costly repairs. We use industry-leading tools, equipment, and methods to ensure the stable home foundation repairs.

Commercial Services

Just like a house, commercial buildings require strong, stable foundations that are reinforced by durable pier & beam structures our concrete slabs. You can depend on our contractors to keep your commercial foundation reliable.

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FAQs About Foundation Repair in Shreveport, LA

Are you curious about foundation repair and how it all works? If so, our FAQ section is for you! Browse through the questions and see if you find answers. If not, we have additional resources on our foundation repair blog.

How much does foundation repair cost?

According to "The average cost to repair foundation problems is $4,511 with most homeowners spending between $2,318 to $6,750. Minor foundation crack repairs cost $620 or more to fix, while major repairs that require hydraulic piers can cost $10,000 to $15,000. Get free estimates from house foundation repair contractors near you."

How are foundations repaired?

It largely depends on the type of foundation, whether pier & beams or concrete slabs are involved, and if the foundation is commercial or residential. Methods like crack & leaks repair using polyurethane injections are commonly used and, in other cases, helical or push pier installation.

Does insurance cover foundation repairs?

Your foundation is part of your home or business, so in short, yes, insurance companies do cover foundation repairs providing the event that caused the damages full under the coverage.

Our Comprehensive Shreveport Foundation Repair Services 

Concrete foundation repair in Shreveport, LA, begins and ends with our company. We offer infallible inspections, foolproof repairs, and affordable prices. We stand behind our services, 100%. You can trust our tried-and-true foundation repair processes and methods.

Meticulous Foundation Inspections in Shreveport, Louisiana - If There's a Problem, We'll Find It!

It all begins with a thorough inspection of your foundation; from there, we can develop a plan to get your building standing tall on solid ground, yet again. Think of a Shreveport foundation inspection as you would going to the doctor for a routine check-up. That's exactly what our contractors do for your structure.

We'll look for cracks, leaks, presence of mold or vermin, and perform a complete examination of your pier & beam materials. Our team will also examine whether your doors and windows close properly, if you have any bowing walls, or sloping floors-all signs that your foundation has an issue. This service is FREE!
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Full-Scale Shreveport Foundation Crack Repair

Cracks in your commercial or residential foundation can lead to major problems if they are left neglected. Now, it's true that all concrete is susceptible to cracking, especially when the property is in a climate that fluctuates between extreme temperature changes. However, only a trained, skilled foundation specialist knows if the crack warrants repair.

Our foundation team will assess the characteristics of the crack. Is it horizontal or vertical? Does it appear to be 1/8 inch in width or more? Is the crack causing leaks? Once we determine if the crack requires repair, we will then discover the crack's cause and address that problem first. Do you see a sinister crack in your foundation? Call us now so we can provide you with foundation crack repair in Shreveport!

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Shreveport House Leveling - Returning Your Home to its Original Position

Older homes are often designed with concrete slab foundations, which tend to succumb to soil expansion and shift & settle over time. This occurrence can cause parts of your foundation to sink, if not all of it, and it can wreak havoc on the structural integrity of your home.

Shreveport Foundation Repair Specialists have the tools and equipment to move your house's foundation as close as possible to its original position. We use time-tested methods like slab jacking, otherwise known as "concrete raising." House leveling for your Shreveport home is a must-have service if your foundation is sinking.
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basement foundation repair services in shreveport

Quick & Efficient Basement Foundation Repair for Your Shreveport Property

Your basement is a direct link to your foundation. In many cases, the concrete floor you stand on is, you guessed, the foundation itself. When there are cracks in your basement walls or floor, your space is open to leaks. When water is allowed to accumulate in your basement, mold can grow, foul odors happen, and vermin infest the area.

You can count on our foundation experts to pinpoint how and why the basement cracks appeared in the first place, address the root cause, and then apply waterproofing treatments like polyurethane injections, French drains, and sump pump installation. Don't let cracks and leaks take over your basement foundation! Call or email our contractors today.

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Shreveport's Most Coveted Slab Foundation Repair Company

There are many reasons why a concrete requires slab foundation repair. Some of them include chronic hydrostatic pressure in the soil, soil expansion, water damage, flooding from storms, earthquakes, and tree root growth. We may not see earthquakes in Louisiana, but definitely all of the rest. Don't worry! We have a solution to all of your concrete slab woes.

Shreveport Foundation Repair Specialists utilize helical piles to repair your concrete slab. Helical piles raise sunken slabs to prevent further cracks. We also offer soil injection, which also raises sunken slabs. Each of these treatments is fast to install and provide exceptional results. Are you curious to know more about slab foundation repair in Shreveport? Visit our blog to learn about concrete repair!
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pier & beam foundation repair shreveport

Professional Shreveport Pier and Beam Foundation Repair

Unfortunately, pier and beam foundations have a tendency to breakdown over time. As your house settles, shifts, and exhales, it can cause the piers to move at different speeds slightly. When there is a lot of rain or storms, the supports can heave, which can also happen during periods of drought. Our pier and beam foundation repair plans include:

  • Crawl space helicals
  • Interior floor helicals
  • Screw jack bracket systems
  • Girder & beam services

Do you feel as if your pier & beam system isn't doing its job anymore? Call our crew to schedule an inspection. We'll get down to the bottom of the problem, guaranteed.

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Local Foundation Repair - Shreveport & Surrounding Areas

Shreveport Foundation Repair Specialists offer various services for both residential and commercial property owners. Our company believes that all people should have access to professional foundation repair, which is why we've expanded our Louisiana service areas. Are we in your neck of the woods?

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Need to Learn About Your Home's Foundation? Good Thing We Wrote a FREE E-Book!

Most homeowners in Shreveport know little to nothing about their foundation, nevermind what issues or damages it may have. That's why, we decided to create this free guide for the local community to learn a thing or two about spotting signs of foundation damage, determining when to call for a foundation inspection, and common FAQs you may have regarding these services.

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Shreveport's Superior Foundation Specialists

Your foundation is what holds your house together, and when it's compromised, your home can tumble down like a house of cards. We keep that from happening. Call us at (318) 996-0046
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