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Offering Shreveport, high-quality foundation crack repair & inspections.

Shreveport Foundation Repair Specialists take the integrity of your foundation seriously because it is what holds your house in place. When the foundation is compromised, it can wreak havoc on your home's framework, causing a host of costly and dangerous damages.

For example, a cracked foundation makes your basement susceptible to leaks, problems with your crawl space, and much more. Our team of professional foundation technicians will inspect the area and get to the root of any underlying problems.

We don't believe in just putting a bandaid on your foundation's issues but rather giving it a permanent repair solution. Get in touch with our team today to schedule a FREE estimate.

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Shreveport Foundation Services You Can TRUST! 

Mindful Foundation Inspection - We Find Even the Smallest Cracks

There's nothing more important than a thorough foundation inspection in Shreveport. Even if problems are not visibly presenting, that doesn't mean they don't exist. There can be deep-rooted cracks or leaks that are slowly deteriorating your foundation and other structural materials like your piers & beams.

Our foundation technicians are highly skilled and trained to locate any problems using a set protocol. If we happen to come across a crack or leak, we will then discover the reason why the crack occurred in the first place. From there, we'll devise a repair plan and give you a FREE estimate. Should you choose to proceed, our team will get to work on ordering supplies and making a plan to come back to your property to fix the foundation ASAP.

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Foundation Cracks Can be Detrimental - Repair is Essential

So much can go wrong when cracks in your foundation are neglected. Sure, all concrete is predisposed to cracking, and some of these cracks won't cause any problems, but unless you're a licensed contractor who knows what to look for, you won't know for sure. Upon discovering foundational cracks, our team will assess their shape, location, and position as these characteristics determine our plan of action. We use a few different methods for crack repair that include polyurethane injection. Here are a few ways to know that your home in Shreveport needs foundation crack repair:

  • Cracks are letting moisture and odor into the basement
  • The crack is approaching 1/8 of an inch in width, which signals a serious problem
  • You notice the crack growing over time

If you notice any of these issues, please call our technicians right away for a professional assessment.

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Does your Shreveport Home Need House Leveling?

The only way to truthfully answer this question is by having one of our inspectors come to your property and perform a thorough inspection of your foundation and home. Here are some signs and symptoms of a house's foundation being unleveled:

  • Sloping floors
  • Bowing walls
  • Windows & doors not operating correctly
  • Cracks & leaks in the foundation
  • Damage to piers & beams or slab concrete

The most common reason for your home not being level is soil expansion. This phenomenon can cause sifting and settling of soil and only affect specific parts of your foundation. Once we figure out the cause, we'll put a plan in place to get your home level again. Do you think you require house leveling in Shreveport? Call us now!

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Expert Basement Foundation Repair - We Get it Done Right!

When there are cracks in your foundation, this can lead to leaks and the need for basement foundation repairs. Having a leaky basement opens your home up to mold and mildew growth, foul odors, and even vermin that are attracted to water taking up residence in your space.

Our crew will inspect your basement and determine how and why the cracks and leaks got there. Once we make the necessary repairs, we will then start the waterproofing process. Basement waterproofing ensures that the problem won't return.

This service also ties into our professional crawl space repair and waterproofing because your basement and crawl space are virtually connected to each other. What affects one will affect the other. Are you ready to get on our schedule?

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"I highly recommend Shreveport Foundation Repair for any of your foundation repairs. They made sure the whole customer experience was seamless and provided me with updates throughout the process. I am so pleased with the impressive foundation work they did! Thanks!"
- Janis J.

Our Professional Foundation Repair Service Areas

Shreveport Foundation Repair Specialists are 100% dedicated to your ultimate satisfaction. If you're not happy, we're not happy! Our company is excited to announce that we've expanded our service locations. If you're in or around Red Chute, Greenwood, Blanchard, Haughton, or Stonewall and need prompt foundation service, please, don't hesitate to call!

Stabilizing Shreveport Foundations.

Our goal at Shreveport Foundation Repair Specialists is pretty simple: make sure your foundation is safe & secure. We offer affordable, professional services for residential & commercial customers. Call us at (318) 996-0046
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